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Established in 1992, Al Hayiki Translation & Services Est. is Qatar Government's Approved Translation Agency and continues to be one of the Leading Legal Translation service providers over 70 languages in Qatar. Our mission is simply to provide high quality and competitively priced translation services, with close fidelity to the original material, to our valued customers. Backed bu its long professional record, Al-Hayiki Translation & Services has managed to top the list of translation agencies in Qatar and gain the trust and approval of all government departments. Our legalized translations are approved for use both before local government bodies and foreign missions in Doha, Qatar.

Our listed translators, who are handpicked from a vast pool of translators working in Qatar and abroad, possess the academic qualifications, linguistic skills, and wide experience required to get it right all the time. They share and make it possible for us to achieve our common goal: providing high quality translation accurate translations that read perfectly in the target language.

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